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Was Brian Butterfield dismissed by the LA Angels for this polarizing reason?

Some controversial news on LA Angels 2021 third base coach Brian Butterfield was just released, and it may have revealed why he was dismissed by the team.

It’s that Butterfield is unvaccinated for COVID-19. Why is this notable? Among multiple reasons, the biggest one is that he has not been able to be hired by the New York Mets due to his vaccination status.

It’s surprising because he was expected to be hired by the Mets’ new Manager Buck Showalter. They were Minor League teammates in 1982 for the Yankees AA team (Nashville) then, and was his first base coach for two years under Showalter as a coach for the Yankees when Showalter was the Manager. He followed Showalter to Arizona as well.

Brian Butterfield, who was the LA Angels third base coach for two years, does not believe in the coronavirus vaccine.


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