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The 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Fantasy Sports

Playing fantasy sports is a lot of fun and can bring a ton of excitement to a long sports season. In the middle of the season when the games don’t mean much you’ll find yourself rooting for players that you had never heard of the year before. One thing that everybody knows is that it is much more fun to win.

If you do play fantasy sports and want to play to win then there are certain things that you should be doing to put yourself in a position to actually win. There are also plenty of things that you shouldn’t be doing. In this article today, we are going to focus on the things that you shouldn’t be doing that could sabotage your season.

1 – Not picking the right format

There are two different types of fantasy sports. There is the season-long version in which you do a draft before the season and then run your team for the length of the actual season. Then, there is a daily sports league in which you draft your team for the games played that day. The season is over when the last game of the day is played.

The reason it’s important to pick the right one is that the approach is totally different for both. With the season-long one, you have to be very committed. Throughout the season you will need to do frequent research, look to make trades, and pay attention to match-ups. This can be a bit more intense than some people are prepared for.

The daily one is non-committal. You just research some MLB DFS picks for your draft and then let the games play out as they do. At the end of the day, your season is over and you can decide if you want to keep playing. You aren’t committed at all.

Make sure that you are ready for a season-long one since it would be a waste of money to commit and then not follow through.

2 – Not being prepared

Whether you are playing the season-long or daily league, preparation is the key. The more you prepare then the better your chances are of winning. You could go in unprepared and get lucky enough to win, but the odds of this happening are very slim.

This means that you have to put some time into doing the research before the season so that you are able to draft the best possible team that you can. Even during the season, preparation doesn’t end. You will need to be making sure that you continue to have the best lineup or make trades.

3 – Ignoring matchups

Even the best players in the league struggle against certain teams. For instance, you can have a Cy Young Award winner against a great lineup of batters and struggles. This means you need to look at the matchups for each game and field the players that are expected to do well against their opponent.


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