Security expert weighs on Mall of America security


Former secret service agent Mike Olson discusses why metal detectors aren’t a likely solution for additional Mall of America security.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — The second shooting within a year at the Mall of America has employees — and customers — wondering if the mall is considering getting more extensive security measures.

Many have recommended metal detectors at the doors, however, former secret service agent Mike Olson says it’s a not realistic.

“My initial thought is it would be entirely too difficult,” Olson said.

The metal detectors would need two to three people running them at a time, according to Olson, who spent decades working with those types of machines.

“You are talking millions, upon millions of dollars,” he said.

Logistics with staffing would also be complicated. Olson says they would need to be at every entrance.

“It would be nearly impossible to guarantee that there is never a failure with metal detectors or breaches.”

Olson also brought up the optics to the public, says having security check points could perhaps make people feel uneasy.

The Mall of America did not have a new statement to share with KARE 11 when asked about safety measures.