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Rüdiger still feeling great at Chelsea, still not ready to sign anything

Antonio Rüdiger has said he won’t be talking about his contract situation until there is something to talk about, and since there is nothing to talk about, he doesn’t have anything to talk about.

So when asked about all that by Sky Sports in a sit-down interview ahead this weekend’s showdown against Spurs, he had nothing to add.

“Like always, I’m fully committed to the cause. Talks are between my side and the club, and that’s everything you need to know. […] My family feel great here. The rest is up to other people to make decisions and then we will see if we come together or not.”

“I’m focused on what is happening here and on the pitch. I owe it to everyone here around the club, the coach, my team-mates and my family so that’s why I’m only focused about the important things. The other things are speculation — I cannot say anything about that.”

-Antonio Rüdiger; source: Sky Sports

And nothing happened!


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