Roger Federer’s avenues are open everywhere, could become a movie star


Australian tennis legend Rod Laver thought Roger Federer had an amazing send-off and added the Swiss has so many options that he may as well become a movie star in the future. Federer, 41, retired from professional tennis at the Laver Cup, an event named after former 11-time Grand Slam champion Laver.

Laver was in London last weekend and witnessed Federer’s final tournament. “Not too many people retire like that,” Laver said of Federer’s final tournament. “Roger had such a long, successful career, he knew he wanted there to be something where he said clearly, ‘OK, that’s enough’

What he’s going to do in the future is anybody’s guess. His avenues are open everywhere. He could become a movie star”.

Federer promised to stay involved with tennis

Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, promised that he would not turn into a ghost in his retirement.

Also, Federer hinted that he may play exhibition matches in the future. “The message from me was just making sure I relay my passion for the sport to the fans, and I let them know that hopefully we’ll see each other again on a different type of tennis court,” Federer said in London.

“I have no plans whatsoever, where, how, when. All I know, I would love to go and play places I have never played before or go say thank yous for years to come to all the people that have been so supportive of me. Because the hard part about the Laver Cup was that tickets were already sold out.

You know, the people who maybe would have also loved to be here couldn’t make it. Maybe there is another way down the stretch we can party all together”. As for know, Federer wants to focus on his family. For two decades, Federer was the face of men’s tennis. Now, it’s time for him to focus on other life things.