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Report: Jaguars had a “conversation” this week with Josh McCown

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The Texans want another team to interview former NFL quarterback Josh McCown for a head-coaching vacancy, to legitimize Houston’s plan to hire him. Will the Texans settle for a “conversation”?

Aaron Wilson reported on Friday morning that the Jaguars had a “conversation” this week with McCown. Michael Silver thereafter reported that the “conversation” was not an interview. Wilson then conceded that McCown simply had a “talk” with G.M. Trent Baalke and not a former interview.

As we reported earlier in the day, the Texans had hoped to finagle a Jaguars “interview” for McCown. By creating the impression that other teams are considering McCown, it doesn’t seem quite as nutty for the Texans to hire him.

So will the Texans proceed, even if McCown can’t get an actual “interview” with any of the other teams that are looking for head coaches?

As some have pointed out, why do the Texans even care? Will anyone believe it’s less unconventional to actually hire McCown if someone else actually interviews him? The fact that the Texans realize that McCown’s candidacy needs to be boosted by another interview shows they know just how crazy it would be to hire him.

And now we wait to see whether they will.


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