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Renee Gracie Eyes a Return to Racing With NASCAR an Option as Well

Renee Gracie, the former race-car driver who swapped car racing as a career for that of an OnlyFans entertainer, recently spoke about her desire to make a comeback to motorsports. The two-time Bathurst 1000 participant recently visited the US.


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And seeing the culture of racing in the country made her consider her options in the multiple categories of racing in the States, including NASCAR.

“I’ve never seen a NASCAR car in person, so I hope to do that over this weekend at the NASCAR Experience [at Las Vegas Motor Speedway],” she said“I think there’s a lot more options here, a lot more categories and things that people are passionate about, which is exciting.”


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However, if she couldn’t get into the car as a driver, she won’t be bothered. This is because Gracie said that she wants to be involved in American motorsports in any capacity she can.

“Whether I do that myself, or whether I get another female driver on board, I just wanna have fun with it – that’s the biggest thing to me,” she said.

And it seems the search for the ‘another female driver’ won’t be a tough one for Gracie. Her former Bathurst teammate, Simona de Silvestro, immediately comes to mind.

Renee Gracie and Simona de Silvestro in the same team again?

Gracie explained why her former teammate could be the one who gets in the driver’s seat for her future team. “She’d be a great person to talk to, she’s done America and Europe, and obviously I’ve been following her and all the categories she’s been racing,” she said.

Gracie added, “We have spoken in the past about IndyCar and Formula E, so my next step is to be here and see how everything works now.” 


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de Silvestro made waves last year in the American motorsports circuit when she ran the Indy 500 with a predominantly female crew.

So Renee Gracie and Simona de Silvestro fans, would you like to see the two of them reunite once again?


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Let us know in the comments below.

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