Pulisic, Reyna, Weah or Aaronson? Berhalter’s USMNT World Cup lineup decisions as players fight for starting spots


The USMNT’s four most talented attackers are battling it out for two spots.

You could make a very good case for all of these guys to start. There’s Pulisic’s ability on the ball, Weah’s speed, Reyna’s creativity and Aaronson’s energy, just to start.

But the fact is that, unless Berhalter decides to spring a surprise and move Reyna or Aaronson to the midfield, two of these guys will need to begin on the bench.

Unfortunately for now, Reyna seems to be the first person to eliminate from the starting XI due to his fitness concerns. The Borussia Dortmund star just can’t stay healthy, and it seems using him off the bench as a 30-minute super-sub may be the best way to get the most out of him.

That leaves Pulisic, Weah and Aaronson. Pulisic will start, that much is clear. He’s the face of American soccer and, when on form, the USMNT’s most dynamic player.

Weah and Aaronson, then, are left to fight for one spot. And, if forced to choose, that spot probably goes to Weah, even if he has missed the start of the season. His ability to stretch defenses is vital for the USMNT system, and his goalscoring doesn’t hurt for a team lacking a finishing No. 9.

Aaronson, meanwhile, is certainly in the mix, but could, like Reyna, bring a dose of energy off the bench in a tight spot.

As it stands: Pulisic and Weah