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Padres becoming what Giants fans expect of their own team

Dynamic young players. An ownership group funding one of the highest payrolls in the game. Festive vibes at the ballpark.

Exactly what San Francisco Giants fans want. Exactly who the San Diego Padres are.

Remember when the Giants used to own the Padres, who were their harmless little brother competing in the same division but rarely posing much of a threat?

Those Padres are all grown up now, flexing their muscles and no longer getting picked on.

They were trending in that direction, and then Tuesday’s trade deadline happened. Suddenly, a promising team became potentially a dominant team, with a third of the lineup and a closer who are new and enormous upgrades.

Yeah, manager Bob Melvin made the right call leaving Oakland.

The Padres’ first game with right fielder Juan Soto, first baseman Josh Bell and infielder Brandon Drury — the day after the deadline — was must-see baseball.

Padres fans, hungry for a World Series championship after 53 seasons without one, arrived early at Petco Park and went bonkers all night, from the moment Soto first appeared on the field to stretch all the way through a 9-1 clobbering of Colorado.


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