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NASCAR driver looking to change ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ narrative

Brandon Brown clears some things up…

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Brandon Brown drove to victory lane at Talladega Superspeedway last season. In the background, fans chanted the popular phrase heard at sports stadiums all over, “Fuck, Joe Biden!”

As Brown climbed from his car, the reporter was clearly unaware of the popular chant. She misquoted the fans as saying, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

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Overnight, the phrase changed. At sporting events of all kinds fans screamed, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Meanwhile, Brandon Brown’s name was attached to a political chant. And as he looked for 2022 sponsors, that became an issue.

LGB Coin

Until LGB Coin stepped up to sign a full-time sponsor agreement with Brandonbilt Motorsports. The paint scheme was approved in an email from NASCAR.

However, days later, NASCAR walked back that approval. They denied the new sponsor. That even caught the attention of Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

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The sponsor initially threatened to sue NASCAR. They then stepped back and signed an endorsement deal with Brandon Brown. The company will sponsor the driver in 2022 but they won’t be featured on the car.

BMS has yet to announce their 2022 sponsor. Brandon Brown took a break from social media after NASCAR rejected the sponsor. This week, he returned to clear the air.

Brandon Brown – Lets Go Brandon – NASCAR

Brandon Brown returns from social media break to clear some things up…

“After receiving an overwhelming amount of hate, I’ve tried to take a break from social media the last week weeks and focus my efforts on more productive things to prepare for the upcoming season,” Brandon Brown opened in a statement on Thursday.

“Unfortunately, something that can’t be ignored any longer is the notion that all of out 2021 partners ‘dropped us’ after we won Talladegha. This is a miscommunication that I never intended to be portrayed.”

“After the final race of the 2021 season, I didn’t have any deals signed heading into 2022. Not because my partners had left, but because we hadn’t crafted any contracts yet to distribute.”

“Then, as the off-season continued, the LGBCoin.io team presented what felt like a dream come true offer. And for anyone that knew how close we came to closing our doors at the beginning of the 2021 season, this was an opportunity of a lifetime.”

“It meant that I wasn’t going to have to constantly worry about trying to piece together partnerships and stress over how we would fund an entire season. The capital to expand our organization, better our equipment, centralize our organization to one race shop located in the heart of motorsports and relieve the worry that many of us have asked from time to time, which is, ‘Are we all going to be employed for the whole season?’ “

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Changing the narrative

Due to the chant that he had nothing to do with, Brown is now heavily attached to right-wing politics. That’s not ideal for the driver.

“For me, a big goal was and still is to change the narrative of what LGB means. I would like it to become a constructive voice for those like myself. Who land somewhere in the middle and have views that align with both sides.”

“I want it to become something positive and constructive, not divisive.”

“To all my partners, past and present, who have supported myself and BMS, I would like to apologize and accept responsibility for the way that this off-season’s transition has been handed.”

“I’ve been overwhelmed with every emotion possible throughout the month of December and my neglect to properly inform each of you of our 2022 plans is inexcusable.”

“I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for keeping me on the race track as long as you have and I hold you all in my highest regards as people who stuck up for me and allowed me to continue chasing my dream.”

Brandon Brown concluded, “I am forever grateful.”

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