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MLB News: The bodybuilder transformation of ex-baseball star Kyle Farnsworth

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Kyle Farnsworth has undergone an extreme transformation and is ready to take part in his first bodybuilding competition.

Farnsworth retired from baseball six years ago, having been a part of the sport for the previous 16 years.

After undergoing a total physical transformation, he now weighs nearly 230 pounds. He shared a post of his physique on Instagram.

“Very rare gym bathroom selfie. Four days out to my first body building competition. Classic Physique. These past few days have been fun with no carbs!”

He also talked about how excited he is to do something that has been an ambition of his for a long time.

“Very excited to be a part of the Sheru Classic and to see what I can do,” Kyle wrote on Instagram. “I will be competing in the Novice Classic Physique class.”

After finishing his time in MLB, Farnsworth also played baseball in Mexico with teams such as Pericos de Puebla, Algodoneros de San Luis and Broncos de Reynosa.

He even tried his hand at football when he retired from baseball. He tried out for a Florida Football Alliance amateur football team, where he played defensive end for the 2015 season and finished that campaign with 11 catches. He also played for that team the following season.


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