Lewis Hamilton’s 2022 earnings revealed – it’s $17m less than 2021 | F1


Hamilton’s earnings totalled $65m (£54m) in 2022 compared to $82m in 2021, according to Forbes who combine every athlete’s income from their sport plus extra revenue from outside interests.

The Mercedes F1 driver has dropped from the eighth highest-earning athlete in the world to 17th in the space of a year.

Max Verstappen is the 26th highest earning athlete of 2022 with a total of $48m (£40m).

Forbes’ top 10 highest-earning athletes of 2022

  1. Lionel Messi (football), $130m – $75m on-field, $55m off-field 

  2. LeBron James (basketball), $121.m – $41.2m on-field, $80m off-field 

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo (football), $115m – $60m on-field, $55m off-field 

  4. Neymar (football), $95m – $70m on-field, $25m off-field 

  5. Stephen Curry (basketball), $92.8m – $45.8m on-field, $47m off-field 

  6. Kevin Durant (basketball), $92.1m – $42.1m on-field, $50m off-field 

  7. Roger Federer (tennis), $90.7m – $0.7m on-field, $90m off-field 

  8. Canelo Alvarez (boxing), $90m – $85m on-field, $5m off-field 

  9. Tom Brady (NFL), $83.9m – $31.9m on-field, $52m off-field 

  10. Giannis Antetokounmpo (basketball), $80.9m – $39.9m on-field, $41m off-field

17. Lewis Hamilton (F1), $65m – $57m on-field, $8m off-field

joint-26. Max Verstappen (F1), $48m – $46m on-field, $2m off-field

Forbes had previously released their top 10 of 2022, confirming Hamilton had dropped out since 2021, but have now confirmed the entire top 50 which is dominated by US sportspeople.

Hamilton’s income from F1 was $57m (£47m) and his extra revenue was $8m (£7m).

Interestingly his F1 income has dropped from $70m in 2021 (in part due to the worst statistical season of his career where he didn’t win a single race), but his revenue outside of sport has grown from $8m to $12m.

Hamilton’s many business interests outside of F1, including a stake in NFL franchise the Denver Broncos, contribute to his total.

In 2022 he was No1 in the F1 drivers salaries list, slightly above Verstappen.

The Mercedes driver is contracted for one more season but plans to extend his stay.

Verstappen’s income outside of F1 totals just $2m (£1.6m).

He is on a long contract at Red Bull and, if the dominance that has seen him rack up consecutive championships continues, then his earnings outside of F1 could escalate too.