L’Affaire Pogba: Where does the case stand after release of ‘insurance videos’?


A police investigation into allegations Paul Pogba was targeted by extortionists has taken another twist after his older brother, Mathias, made allegations against the France international relayed via an open letter, 26 videos and a series of pre-programmed Twitter threads and insisted he would not be “silenced”.

Mathias Pogba was charged on Saturday with “extortion in an organised gang” and “participation in an association of criminals with intent to prepare a crime”. Four other men, aged between 27 and 36, were charged with “extortion with a weapon in an organised gang”, “arrest, kidnapping, confinement or detention in an organised gang with a view to preparing or facilitating the committing of a crime, followed by a voluntary release before the seventh day” and “participation in a criminal association for the preparation of a crime”. All five men deny the charges and remain in detention awaiting trial.

Mathias last month claimed to have “almost died” because of his brother, the Juventus midfielder. A subsequent statement released by lawyers on behalf of Paul Pogba, his lawyer Rafaela Pimenta and the Pogbas’ mother Yeo Moriba dismissed the claims as “not a surprise” and said they followed “other attempts over a prolonged period to seek to extort Paul Pogba”.

Mathias had previously pledged to elaborate on his allegations against his younger brother and, early on Friday morning, he fulfilled that promise as a series of videos and messages were released on his Twitter account taking aim at Paul Pogba, his lifestyle and his entourage. He also alleged he was the victim of a conspiracy to silence his “whistleblowing”.