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Kyle Hamilton third overall in 2022 NFL draft?

Most of the mock drafts we have seen have had Kyle Hamilton being selected somewhere shortly after the fifth pick in this coming NFL draft.  We shared Mel Kiper’s first mock of the season where it had Hamilton going fourth to the New York Jets.

Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com has weighed in with his new mock draft and has Hamilton going even higher as he sends him to the Houston Texans at number-four overall.

Here’s what Jeremiah says about Hamilton and the Texans fit:

Hamilton feels like the “Patriot pick” for NE South. He’s big, fast, versatile and smart. Those characteristics are highly valued in New England, where Texans GM Nick Caserio spent two decades honing his craft.

Personally I wasn’t aware that drafting a guy who can do a lot of things really well and has great size and smarts was just a Patriots thing.  I thought most teams liked doing that but perhaps I am wrong.  I do follow the Chicago Bears closely after all…sigh.

Regardless, that would be great for Hamilton in the sense of more money the higher he goes but the flip side is he’ll almost certainly be playing somewhere a big rebuild is taking place.


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