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Kentucky-Auburn, LSU-Tennessee, Kansas-Kansas State and more games ATS – The Athletic

And we’re back! For a variety of reasons, it’s been a hot minute since yours truly attempted to predict the outcome of college basketball games relative to bookmakers’ point spreads, long enough that this odds-guessing novice has even started to forget what the angry sensation of losing fake money feels like. Indeed, I’ve come all the way back around: I fully expect these picks to go great. Really, I do. And when they don’t, I’ll be irrationally frustrated about it, and the cycle will begin anew. The circle of liiiifee …

In seriousness, there are some interesting games this weekend, and maybe even a couple of interesting betting opportunities that stuck out to me, convincing me (after mostly hedging out the tokens evenly the last few columns) to go bigger in a couple spots below. See if you agree. Whatever happens, happy hooping!

(As ever, all odds are via BetMGM.)

Kentucky at Auburn (-3.5), 1 p.m. ET, CBS: After last weekend’s 107-79 win over Tennessee, Kentucky had firmly established itself as a team that doesn’t merely win but almost always blows its vanquished foes out of the water. With only minimal exception — including not just the UT game but also Dec. 18’s nonconference meeting with North Carolina — when Kentucky has won, it has won big, which has not only buttressed the Wildcats’ per-possession numbers (and thus their reputation) but is also a handy thing to keep in mind for people who are, say, wagering money against the spread. Kentucky had started to feel like a very safe bet. Then, of course, the Wildcats went to Texas A&M, shot 17-of-40 from 2 and 4-of-18 from 3, and played some of the ugliest, least appealing offensive basketball you will ever see.


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