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Jared Gies represents North Platte at he U.S. Special Olympics and brings home 3 gold medals

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -This year in the 2022 Special Olympics that took place in Orlando, Florida, Jared Gies and his Stepdad Rob Hampton helped represent team Nebraska on the bowling lanes. Jared a bowler on Team Nebraska was a crucial part of Team Nebraska’s success at the 2022 games. Rob, Jared’s Stepdad, explains Jared didn’t just see success in Orlando, but also in the Regional and State Competition. In both, the Regional and State Competition Jared and the entire team had to come in first through third place to qualify to compete in Orlando.

“We started last fall with bowling here at our local delegation. We have to practice eight games minimum to get to our regional competition. You have to place in the top three at regionals to get into the State Games. You have to place in the top three at the State Games to go to the U.S.A Games,” explains Hampton.

Jared won gold in three events down at the U.S Games. He won in singles bowling, doubles bowling, and team. And out of the twelve possible medals for bowling Team Nebraska could’ve taken home, they took home 11 of those. In three events the team took home ten gold medals and one bronze.

“You know it’s so satisfying. We started about a year ago practicing, he got a new ball, and he’s been learning how to throw a hook ball. So, we’ve been working at it quite a while, and he comes down and bowls on his own quite often. Lots of questions and lot’s of answers and he just stays after it. He throws a lot of really nice smooth balls and he gets a lot of spares,” says Hampton.

For an athlete to truly excel at a sport they have to love it, and that’s true for Jared. Rob explains that he’s at the bowling alley practicing a lot, and Jared says it’s the challenge that comes with bowling that he loves.

“I like bowling so much. It’s a fun sport, it’s kind of tough. Like some people can’t understand how to hold the ball right,” says Gies

Jared holding his head high and wearing his medals proudly as he should and already making plans to win more at the next U.S. Games which will be held in Minnesota.

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