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IOC panned by Olympic athletes for quarantine conditions in Tokyo

Athleten Deutschland, a body representing athletes in Germany, has criticized the conditions for athletes in quarantine at the Tokyo Olympics, calling them “prison-like” and “grotesque.”

In a statement released Saturday, the body called on the International Olympic Committee to “push for substantial improvement” of the accommodations.

“In the current quarantine hotel, for example, there is an insufficient provision of fresh air,” Athleten Deutschland said in its statement. “The food supply is neither rich nor balanced and does not meet the specific nutritional requirements of high-performance athletes. Athletes who have resumed training activities in their rooms have to clean their sweaty clothes in the sink, which hardly dry afterwards. They feel left alone, having to obtain a lot of information on their own.”

Any athlete or individual accredited for the Tokyo Olympics who tests positive for COVID-19 is placed in mandatory quarantine in a government institution, usually a government-approved hotel.

The conditions at the games have been heavily criticized by athletes. Dutch skateboarder Candy Jacobs, among the Olympic athletes who have tested positive for COVID-19, said earlier this week that the accommodations were “inhuman,” saying she was denied access to outside air.

“It is always concerning, but there are extra measures that have to be taken in terms of isolation,” Mark Adams, a spokesperson for the IOC, said. “We fully sympathize with everyone in this situation.

“There are certain regulations that the Japanese authorities imposed. The relevant stakeholders are able to have contact with their people who are in isolation. We understand it is not easy, but it has to be within the Japanese rules and regulations.”


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