Fantasy basketball 2022-23 draft kit: Rankings, sleepers, breakouts, strategy and a new addition!


For the past three NBA seasons, Eric Wong has been nearly a one-man show, doing almost all the fantasy basketball heavy lifting here at The Athletic — sharing the insights that have helped make him a high stakes league legend and a NFBKC Hall of Famer. But, just like so many great players in NBA history were helped by another all-star teammate — alleviating the pressure and shouldering the load when necessary — The Athletic is excited to announce that we’ve brought in a premiere pick-n-roll partner for Wong.

Stan Son will be joining the team to provide his informed, intelligent analysis — shaped through years of experience on the virtual hardwood — often served with a slice of humor. Like so many great duos in NBA history — Jordan/Pippen, Kareem/Magic, Malone/Stockton… Kawhi/Boris Diaw? (check out our “Meet Stan Son” intro piece to make sense of that last reference) — we look forward to the strong chemistry these two will bring in helping lead you to a fantasy basketball title.

To open the preseason, you can find Eric’s Roto rankings and Stan’s H2H rankings below, in addition to a look at some deep sleepers and young breakout players. That’s just start of things. In the weeks ahead, expect plenty more deep dives on sleepers, busts, ADP, roster developments, roundtables, mailbags, and rankings updates.

So without further ado, here is the kit.