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F1 fans warned Lewis Hamilton’s ‘passion’ may have been extinguished amid retirement talk | F1 | Sport

“You know, I was really considering that after the race to see his body language and what many people don’t realise is that to get to Formula 1, takes a lot of effort, a lot of talent.

“To win a race in Formula 1 takes an awful lot.

“To win a world championship, what that takes mentally, that sustained drive and living under that pressure, day in day out to win a world championship is absolutely incredible.

“Then what you’ve got with Lewis is that to have won so many championships, there are so many people out there who just say ‘oh well he’s got the best car plug him in and there you go and he’s up against [Valtteri] Bottas who’s no good, So he’s got it all covered.’

“I don’t subscribe to any of that. Leading a team being on the top of your game, week in week out year in year out is absolutely incredible, to the level of success that Lewis has enjoyed on a continuous basis is testament to his team, obviously, but to him as well.”


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