ClutchPoints launches The Flex League, the CRAZIEST fantasy football show you’ve ever seen


No one wants to lose in their fantasy football league. But now, you can watch OTHER people lose AND get punished for it in ClutchPoints’ newest fantasy football show, “The Flex League.”

This wacky, brand new fantasy football league is run by Commissioner Terry, who’s definitely NOT team owner Jerry Donatien with a wig on. The show is hosted by Todd Cruz, along with sideline reporter Briana Beverley.

The league features 10 teams and 10 owners willing to do whatever it takes to win. 

But here’s the catch: each week, the losers are put into a “losers raffle” while the winners are put into a “winners raffle.” And the biggest loser has to perform ANY punishment the biggest winner bestows on them.

Through three episodes, we’ve seen Jerry — owner of The Juice Boxers, and definitely not Commissioner Terry without a wig — tackle the infamous “glizzy challenge.”

And in Week 2, we watched AJ Caldwell — owner of The Mahomes Depot — take a stuffed animal out on an awkward date to Chipotle.

The rest of the league is rounded out by: 

  • Lisa Wilson’s Friends, run by the overly passionate Julian Fadullon
  • TUA LEGIT2QUIT, run by Vinny B
  • Brady’s Bunch, run by Kendall Capps
  • Call of Jeudy, run by Dalton Brock, who somehow got a brand sponsor for his team
  • Can Aiyuk Diggs It?, run by Tomer Azerly
  • Piss the Corvoisier, run by Michael Corvo
  • The Quad Gods, run by Karl Rasmussen
  • The Wise Guys, run by Quinton Micallef (who still hasn’t shown up on screen, leaving everyone to wonder if “Quinton Micallef” actually exists)

Catch new episodes of The Flex League every week on ClutchPoints’ YouTube channel

Find out who will be punished next!