Chase Elliott? No, time to go big or go home


Buckle up, it’s Talladega week.

It’s one of the four races each NASCAR season where you have your best chance of catching lightning and cashing in.

They no longer use carburetor restrictor plates to sap horsepower at the two fastest tracks — Talladega and Daytona — but horses are still restrained and we continue calling them “plate races.” 

Some guys have a real knack for plate-racin’ and its high-intensity, high-speed, heavy-traffic atmosphere. And some of those guys continue to draw longer odds than they probably should.

To win at Talladega, you eventually have to miss The Big One. And sometimes there's more than one.

Austin Dillon, for instance, has two plate-race wins and 14 top-10s, and is also the most recent plate-race winner (August at Daytona). Yet 16 drivers, nearly half the field, are listed with better odds than his +1500 on the payout rungs.

That’s a spot ahead of Bubba Wallace, who’s at +1800 despite always — or nearly always — running among the leaders at Talladega and Daytona.