CBS Sports unveils updated Top 25 and 1 preseason rankings


College basketball season will be here before we know it, and CBS Sports has made some minor alterations to the preseason Top 25 and 1 rankings. The Top 10 remains stable, and most of the movement happens down the list.

In his write up explaining some of the decisions, CBS hoops writer Gary Parrish said that Indiana and Virginia were both moved up — to No. 13 and No. 16, respectively — because they’re expected to contend in their conferences. Indiana goes to No. 13 because no Big Ten champion has finished lower than that spot in KenPom in the last five seasons.

In the case of Virginia, Parrish isn’t saying they’re going to go and win the league — North Carolina and Duke are still the big boys — but that he’s picked up from coaches that the Cavaliers will be in the mix.

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“I also moved Virginia from unranked to 16th largely because multiple ACC coaches have told me in recent weeks that they think the Cavaliers will compete with North Carolina and Duke for the league title,” Parrish wrote.

Virginia is the biggest mover, jumping from unranked to No. 16, which Parrish counts as an 11-point jump, meaning the Cavaliers just missed being include in the previous 26-team list. The biggest downward mover is Arizona going down two spots.

To make room for the Cavaliers and Hoosiers, Michigan State and Saint Louis were dropped out of the ranking.

The latest CBS Sports Top 25 and 1 rankings

1. Gonzaga
2. North Carolina
3. Houston
4. Kentucky
5. Duke
6. Arkansas
7. Baylor
8. Kansas
9. Tennessee
10. UCLA
11. Creighton
12. Texas
13. Indiana
14. Auburn
15. TCU
16. Virginia
17. Arizona
18. Villanova
19. Texas A&M
20. Michigan
21. San Diego State
22. Oregon
23. Alabama
24. Purdue
25. Dayton
26. Ohio State