Aaron Judge Rumors: New York Insider Gives Update on Dodgers Target


Aaron Judge, coming off a 62-homer season that saw him set the AL record for home runs, win the MVP Award, and come within five batting average points of winning the Triple Crown, is the biggest name on the free-agent market this offseason. The Dodgers are one of many teams in need of an outfielder who are at least nominally in on Judge.

According to MLB insider Jon Heyman on the radio in Chicago on Tuesday, the end result of Judge’s free agency might be the same team he’s been playing with his entire career.

“I know the Yankees are very, feeling pretty confident. They made a big offer — what they claim was a big offer — I think it was $300 million or more. So he’s going to get over 300, and, you know, they don’t want to be outbid, they realize that they need him … He is their star they really need to keep him.”

Where it gets interesting is we’ve now heard both the Yankees and the Giants won’t be outbid. Unless the two teams plan to work out some sort of custody-sharing agreement, it seems like at least one of them will end up being outbid. The question is how far into this game of chicken the get before one side blinks.

The Mets have said they won’t get into a bidding war with the Yankees, and the Dodgers definitely don’t seem likely to get involved in that. So it’s probably coming down to the Yankees and Giants, and the big winner is going to be Judge (and his agent).

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