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3 B1G teams led the nation in statistical categories during the 2021 football season

Dustin Schutte | 32 minutes ago

Three B1G teams led the nation in statistical categories at the end of the 2021 college football season. FOX’s college football social media account tweeted out the graphic on Friday afternoon.

Ohio State, Wisconsin and Iowa were all leaders in at least one area by the end of the year. The Buckeyes were the only team from the B1G to be atop two statistical categories.

Ohio State led the nation in scoring average and total yards per game last season. Wisconsin was the best defense in yardage allowed and Iowa ended the year with more interceptions than anyone else.

Below is the graphic from FOX:

Here’s a look at the totals and averages for the B1G’s statistical leaders:

  • Ohio State: 45.7 points per game
  • Ohio State: 561.2 yards per game
  • Wisconsin: 235.3 yards per game allowed
  • Iowa: 25 interceptions

Not a bad year for the B1G.


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